Compulsory Unionism Rejected Election Day, Thanks For Your Support!
Thanks to your support, National Right To Work Committee ads aired in several key U.S. Senate races informing voters of Big Labor's hold on candidates...
End Big Labor's Violence Loophole
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte must hold a hearing on union violence. It is time to expose these thugs and correct the legal loophole that allows union bosses federal exemption from criminal prosecutions if they are seeking to advance so-called “legitimate union objectives.”

Mark Mix is President of the National Right to Work Committee, a 2.8 million-member public policy organization.  He also serves as President of the Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation.

Prior to joining the National Right to Work Committee in 1990, Mr. Mix worked for several state-level Right to Work groups. He joined the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation in 1999.

Mr. Mix frequently appears on national television shows including Fox News Channel’s Your World: With Neil Cavuto and Fox & Friends, as well as CNBC’s Power Lunch. Mr. Mix also often serves as a guest on nationally syndicated radio shows such as the Michael Reagan Show and the Jim Bohannon Show.

Similarly, Mr. Mix’s writings have appeared in national outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times and National Review. His pieces have also been featured in widely-read regional publications across the country including the Detroit Free Press, the Orange County Register and the San Antonio Express-News.

Mr. Mix is also a sought after speaker on political technology and grass-roots lobbying tactics. He often travels across the country, speaking and training participants in the political process.