Freedom Hangs in the Balance

Hello and thank you for choosing to become a part of the solution.

Big Labor has launched a TWO-BILLION-dollar spending blitz to pack Congress and the White House with their handpicked politicians.

And now with Joe Biden on record supporting elimination of the filibuster, simple House and Senate majorities could enact the union bosses’ entire radical agenda, including the repeal of all Right to Work laws.

The good news is, you and I can hold union-label politicians accountable, and the National Right to Work Committee has a four-part plan already underway to do just that.

So, please take a moment to view the video above the message that includes a sample TV Ad.

mark-mix-in-his-officeI hope you’ll see just how effective ads like this could be in exposing the union bosses’ pet politicians to the 80% of Americans who think forced unionism is just plain wrong.

Then join the fight to stop Big Labor’s takeover of Washington, D.C.

Mark Mix
President, National Right to Work