Demand the Senate Act Quickly to End Obama's Stranglehold on the NLRB

Petition to:

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, HELP Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander & My U.S. Senators

Whereas: President Barack Obama has been out of office for over 160 days, but his pro-forced unionism appointees still control the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB); and

Whereas: There are two vacancies on the NLRB and those appointees will shape the direction of the NLRB for years to come; and

Whereas: Over the past eight years, the NLRB has acted as an organizing arm of Big Labor, tipping the scales in favor of union bosses to the detriment of America’s independent-minded workers; and

Whereas: The American people overwhelmingly support worker freedom.

ThereforeI urge you to promptly end Obama’s stranglehold on the NLRB and confirm pro-worker freedom appointees to the NLRB.