October 2021

Bertolino Foods Employees Free from Unwanted UFCW After Petition

Conflict of Interest for Former SEIU Lawyers on Board Must Be Addressed

Case Closed: 100 Hospital Employees Win Refund of Illegally-Seized Union Dues After 11 Year Battle

September 2021

Worker Advocate: Biden Dues Skim Rule Proposal Violates Federal Law by Funneling Medicaid Funds to Union Officials

Joint Supreme Court Petition Filed for Government Workers Seeking Refunds of Illegally-Seized Union Dues

SEIU Bosses Refund Dues Seized from Chicago Mental Health Counselor After He Resigned Union Membership

Worker Freedom Group Prevents Unconstitutional Union Dues

Gompers Teachers Can Finally Vote For Union Decertification

A Word From President Mark Mix This Labor Day 2021

Portland Cameraman Wins in Case Charging NABET/CWA Union Lawyers with Illegal Intimidation

August 2021

United Airlines’ Arthur Baisley Challenges IAM Union’s Political “Opt-out”

Cuyahoga County Probation Officer Hits Union with Federal Lawsuit for Years of Unconstitutional Dues Seizures

Union is Forced on Red Rock Casino Workers Who Voted Against Union

Rerun Election Approved in Fox Employee Vote to Oust CWA Union after Labor Board Agent Botches Mail Ballot Count

Rieth-Riley Workers Win Settlements Against IUOE Union Bosses for Illegal Strike Retaliation

UC Irvine Lab Assistant Sues Union over Violation of First Amendment

July 2021

Multiple Units Oust Teamsters Bosses Thanks to Foundation-Backed NLRB Rule

California Worker Hits Back after Regional Labor Board Tosses Out Concerns of Mail Vote Tampering by Teamsters Union Officials

Frito Lay Workers Successfully Free Themselves from Unwanted Teamsters’ ‘Representation’

June 2021

Teachers File Lawsuit Against Union for Trapping Them in Dues

NJ Teachers Ask Supreme Court to Hear First Amendment Challenges to Union Schemes Trapping Public Employees in Dues Payments

Right to Work Celebrates Third Anniversary of Janus Ruling

Teamsters Back Down After UPS Worker Charges Them for Denying Legal Rights

Puerto Rico Workers Ask Court to Stop Illegal Union Dues Cover-up

May 2021

New Hampshire Workers’ Petition Asking Supreme Court to Hear Case Seeking Refund of Unconstitutionally Seized Union Dues is Fully Briefed

IAM Union Faces Backlash for Forcing Union Dues for Politics

NLRB Allows Deficient Settlement in Challenging UFCW Illegal Dues

Las Vegas Police Officer Challenges Unconstitutional Union Dues

NRTW President: Monopoly Power Source of Teacher Union Bosses’ Negative Influence on Education

Las Vegas Workers Score a Win Against SPFPA Illegal Dues

SEIU Union Bosses Violate New Hampshire Workers First Amendment Rights

April 2021

AG Employee Heather Anderson Sues IBEW Union

San Diego Charter School Teachers Charge Union with Illegal Surveillance

March 2021

Delaware Mountaire Farms Worker Objects to Deficient Settlement Regarding Illegal Dues

New Jersey XPO Workers Oust Teamsters Bosses in Decisive Vote

Teamsters Officials Charged after Threatening: Join Union and Pay Dues or Be Fired

Public Employees File Brief On Case Challenging Union Limits on Stopping Union Dues

Special Legal Notice Issued For Massachusetts Nurses Impacted by Union Boss Ordered Strike

February 2021

NLRB Takes Up Rieth-Riley Construction Workers’ Case Defending Ousting of IUOE Union Bosses

FOIA Request Filed Regarding Biden Admin’s Firing of NLRB GC Robb, Suppression of Foundation Cases

Overwhelming 88% Vote Against Teamsters Bosses in Shamrock Foods Employee Vote

Worker Advocate Slams Biden NLRB Appointee’s Decision to Nix Complaint against Union and Hotel for Colluding to Unionize Employees

January 2021

Sacramento-Yolo Employees Win Ruling Charging IUOE Union Bosses with Illegal Surveillance

Foundation Offers Free Legal Aid to Workers Impacted by Biden Executive Order Cancelling Keystone XL Pipeline Project