Emergency Action Petition To President Donald Trump

Whereas: You have repeatedly called for $1 trillion in projects to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure; and

Whereas: Under current law, all such federal projects are done under the antiquated Davis-Bacon Act of 1931; and

Whereas: Davis-Bacon effectively bars hundreds of thousands of non-union workers from working on government projects and mandates huge amounts of paperwork and other compliance costs; and

Whereas: Davis-Bacon artificially raises taxpayers’ construction costs at least 33% or more; with much of this cost increase winding up in the pockets of union bosses in the form of forced union dues; and

Whereas: We could be facing hundreds of billions of dollars in wasted tax dollars, and billions and billions of new forced union dues putting Big Labor back in the political driver’s seat for the 2018 elections; and

Whereas: The President has the authority under Davis-Bacon to suspend the law in “times of emergency,” which has been done at least four times in our nation’s history.

Therefore: I urge you to immediately sign an Executive Order suspending the Davis-Bacon Act for the remainder of your Presidency.