It’s tantamount to federally sanctioned domestic terrorism.

Twelve union goons threw Scott Kudingo to the ground and began clubbing, kicking, and punching him while yelling:  “This is union work! This is our territory. Don’t come back!”

Kudingo was mercilessly stomped in the face with steel-toed boots until his jaw shattered.

The truth is, he could have died that day had he not somehow found the strength to flee.

What motivates such violence?

Simply, Kudingo and two colleagues choosing to work on an addition to Christian elementary school without being required to pay tributes to a union boss.

Enraged, the union thugs retaliated, union thugs were dispatched to the site, and they began beating Kudingo as the children were being dismissed from school a few feet away.

It is reasonable to expect those responsible for this heinous assault to be held accountable for their actions.  But, Kudingo’s co–worker, Joe Weil, will never know the outcome because he passed away shortly after the beatings.

And, unfortunately, a 1973 Supreme Court ruling in United States v. Enmons will probably prevent any of us from ever seeing justice — unless we act.

It’s vital you sign the petition to your Congressman and Senators TODAY, urging them to cosponsor the Freedom from Union Violence Act.

The Freedom From Union Violence Act would close the loophole that uniquely protects Big Labor militants from prosecution under federal law.

You see, over 40 years ago the Supreme Court ruled dealy assaults like these are just part of the “pursuit of legitimate union objectives” and thus can’t be prosecuted under federal law.

Because of this outrageous Supreme Court decision, with which only 5 of the 9 justices agreed, union bosses are free to:

***Threaten and intimidate workers until they submit to union “representation” and forced dues

***Terrorize communities with violent strikes — where they get away with beatings, arson — even murder

***Coerce businesses into turning over their employees without even a vote

No one — including union chieftains — should be able to get away with crimes for which ordinary Americans would be sentenced to prison.

But until the Freedom from Union Violence Act passes, that is precisely what will continue.

That’s why it’s so important you complete the signature on the petition demanding action on the Freedom from Union Violence Act at once.