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The first state Right to Work guarantee was adopted in the form of a constitutional amendment in November 1944 by the voters of Florida. That amendment reads as follows:

“The right of persons to work shall not be denied or abridged on account of membership or non-membership in any labor union or labor organization; provided that this clause shall not be construed to deny or abridge the right of employees by and through a labor organization or labor union to bargain collectively with their employer.”


State Right To Work Timeline**

Right To Work State** Right To Work Date By Statute or Constitutional Provision
 Florida Tuesday, November 07, 1944 By Constitution
Arkansas Tuesday, November 07, 1944 By Constitution
Arizona Tuesday, November 05, 1946 By Constitution
Nebraska Wednesday, December 11, 1946 By Constitution
Virginia Sunday, January 12, 1947 By Statute
Tennessee Friday, February 21, 1947 By Statute
North Carolina Tuesday, March 18, 1947 By Statute
Georgia Thursday, March 27, 1947 By Statute
Iowa Monday, April 28, 1947 By Statute
South Dakota Tuesday, July 01, 1947 By Constitution
Texas Friday, September 05, 1947 By Statute
North Dakota Tuesday, June 29, 1948 By Statute
Nevada Thursday, December 04, 1952 By Statute
Alabama Friday, August 28, 1953 By Statute
Mississippi* Wednesday, February 24, 1954 By Statute
South Carolina Friday, March 19, 1954 By Statute
Utah Tuesday, May 10, 1955 By Statute
Kansas Tuesday, November 04, 1958 By Constitution
Mississippi* Tuesday, June 07, 1960 By Constitution
Wyoming Friday, February 08, 1963 By Statute
Louisiana Friday, July 09, 1976 By Statute
Idaho Thursday, January 31, 1985 By Statute
Oklahoma Sunday, September 02, 2001 By Constitution
Indiana Wednesday, February 01, 2012*** By Statute
Michigan Friday, March 08, 2013*** By Statute
Wisconsin Monday, March 09, 2015*** By Statute

*Mississippi first passed a statute then a constitutional amendment
**including hyperlinks to state Right To Work laws ***Effective Date