Granholm Won’t Cross Union Bosses

Despite the highest unemployment rate in America, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm refuses to support true reform for her state.

Granholm announced she would not upset her political benefactors by supporting Right to Work in the Wolverine State. Confident she could bring jobs to the state because “I’m a really good salesperson . . . ,” instead, she announced a trade mission to Japan. In the same breath she proclaimed support for an income tax hike and a sales tax increase.

Now tell us Gov. Granholm, what business in their right mind would voluntarily move their business and families into this sort of economic environment?

A growing movement for enactment of a Right to Work law has taken hold in the Wolverine State. Both Republicans and Democrats are prepared to make concessions as they move forward with a reform package aimed to bring jobs back. But Granholm will have none of it. A state Right to Work law is a no-cost incentive with demonstrable evidence of success.

And remember, a Right to Work law does nothing more than allow workers themselves to decide whether to join or pay fees to a union. That’s all!

Granholm would be better off selling the true reform of freedom in the workplace to the voters in the state than trying to sell economic snake oil overseas. She would have much better results.