Hoffa: “Things Could Blow Up”

When a Teamster union official says “things could blow up” people tend to notice. When Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa made that comment recently one wonders just what he means.

According to the Denver Post, Hoffa was talking about the continued efforts to threaten Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter for vetoing legislation that Big Labor tried to ram through the new Democrat state legislature earlier this year. The Union Bosses thought everything was in order to grant them new forced-dues privileges in the state, but at the end of the day Governor Ritter vetoed the measure that sailed through both legislative chambers.

Organized Labor officials are mad — really mad.

In fact, if things aren’t resolved in Big Labor’s favor by the Democrat National Convention next summer, that’s when “things could blow up” according to Hoffa.

Resolved is a relative term.

Capitulated is perhaps a better one.