None Dare Call It Bribery — It’s Hard, But…

Big Labor is promising a host of riches to Sen. Specter in exchange for his vote on the Card Check Scam Bill. A Washington Times exclusive reports that union bosses in Pennsylvania are now promising to have union activists flood the Republican primary election with votes for Specter if he casts his vote for coercive unionism.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President William M. George said he pledged Mr. Specter “all kinds of help from the union” in a series of meetings to woo the Republican senator’s support for the bill, which would ease rules favoring secret-ballot elections to unionize workplaces.

“We are pushing to give him help in the primary, including changing Democrats to Republicans for the primary,” Mr. George told The Times. “It’s hard to do because of other races in the state … but we’ll do it for ‘card check.’ “