Now We’re Playing Some Hardball

Presidential aspirant John Edwards was on MSNBC’s Hardball program, pitching his support for the “Card-Check” bill, but host Christ Mathews’ questions did more to undermine the bill than Edwards’ answers did to support it.

Surprisingly, Mathews, a Democrat who used to work for Democrat House Speaker Tip O’Neill, asked Edwards whether he thought eliminating workplace elections were democratic. Another question recognized the threat of workplace intimidation that will occur should the bill ever become law.

Edwards, of course, carried the labor line, but it was interesting to see Mathews point out some of the major problems with the bill.


MATTHEWS: Are you for the card check?

J. EDWARDS: I am for the card check.

MATTHEWS: You think that’s fair to be able to have four people from a labor union, big people come up to a little person and say you’re going to vote for the union, aren’t you? You’re going to vote for the union, aren’t you?

J. EDWARDS: I think it’s democracy. I do.