Playing Politics with the People’s Money

Big Labor Democrats are up to their old tricks. It seems that in their minds, they can think of no better way to celebrate Veterans’ Day, than to “h[o]ld off final passage” of a sure-pass “stand-alone bill containing veterans money . . . so they could meld it with the Labor-HHS [Health and Human Services] measure,” which reportedly contains some “. . . 2274 earmarks worth $1 billion. . . .” Now, reportedly, in order for the veterans to get their money, the measure would give $1.5 million of the people’s money to the AFL-CIO hierarchy’s so-called “Working for America Institute” and $2.2 million for the AFL-CIO bosses’ “Appalachian Council.”

During this election year, I wonder what the Union Bigwigs are going to use the extra money for?

Read more in Robert Novak’s Veterans’ Day article in the Washington Post.