Thanks for Your “Loyal” Support

Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) has carried water for Big Labor’s forced-unionism agenda for almost two decades. But that didn’t stop the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO from endorsing his Democrat opponent for the first time in 18 years this past week.

You see, AFL-CIO officials sense a growing opportunity to help Democrats regain control of the House and Senate in November. It is now time for action! It is easy for them to throw politicians like Weldon “over the side” in an instant, notwithstanding his past track record in support of their power over independent minded workers.

The one vote Weldon won’t cast for them is for Speaker Pelosi. And because of that he’s “fish-food” for the hierarchy of Big Labor.

Never fear, Weldon still “whistles past the political graveyard” claiming support of his local union bosses and pledges to “continue to tap national unions (officials) for money.”

Weldon forgets that nearly eight of every ten Americans know it’s wrong to force a worker to join or pay dues to a labor union for the Right to Work.

Just the latest example for union-boss appeasing politicians — Big Labor will not be appeased. If your district stands between them and gaining control of Congress, you will be targeted. All the more reason to stick with the 80% of your constituents who oppose forced unionism.

The AFL-CIO action should be a strong message to elected officials everywhere — loyalty is not a strong suit among the bosses