Yepsen: Right to Work Attack Threatens Dems Seats in ‘08

Once again Iowa political reporter David Yepsen has issued a warning to Democrats: Mess around with Iowa’s Right to Work Law at your own peril.

Yepsen points out that the anti-Republican sentiment that was prevalent last election could quickly turn into an anti-Democrat mood should Right to Work be sacrificed by the new Democrat majority in the state. “Something similar could happen in some Iowa legislative districts next year. It’ll be over this idea of gutting Iowa’s right-to-work law to legalize “fair share” fees. Unions want to change the law, which says you don’t have to join a union to get or keep a job. They want to allow contracts that require nonunion employees in union shops to pay a fee to the union . . . .

“Yet polls show most Iowans oppose such a violation of worker freedom. About a dozen Democratic members of the Iowa House from toss-up districts could be vulnerable on the question because their mere presence in the Legislature gives Democrats the majority — and union leaders the ability to push the matter.

“Even if Democratic leaders announce they are dropping the idea because they don’t have the votes to pass it, the fact they gave it serious consideration has spooked and energized the state’s business community. It has given Republicans a desperately needed club they can use against Democrats from marginal districts in 2008.”

Right to Work supporters in Iowa are making their voices heard in the halls of the state capitol. Postcards and phone calls are pouring into Des Moines from every corner of the state in opposition to this Big Labor power grab. Keep up the pressure!