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3:05 PM — Daniels signs right to work bill

Gov. Mitch Daniels signed “right to work” bill this afternoon without ceremony making Indiana the 23rd state in the nation with the law, Daniels and other Republican supporters characterized the measure as needed for Indiana to attract jobs. “The only change will be a positive one,” the governor said in a statement released by his office. “Indiana will improve still further its recently earned reputation as one of America’s best places to do business, and we will see more jobs and opportunity for our young people and for all those looking for a better life.”

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21 Responses to Indiana Right To Work Bill signed into law!!

  1. Kevin says:

    Re: Militants threats for the Superbowl

    Big deal! Improperly parked vehicles can be towed and impounded (can you say plan backfired?).

    Those resisting the towing of their vehicles can be arrested – again backfire. I say call the militant’s bluff – let them humiliate themselves and pay the impound fees.

  2. Jeraldine Johnson says:

    I will tell you what is wrong with minimum wage jobs. This is not enough money for a family man who wants to be a sole supporter of his family to live on. THe children suffer because they are not getting the nourishment from the right foods and the may or may not get the warm clothing because dad can’t afford to buy them a coat. I am tired of our country starving people who are working hard and trying to take care of their family like they want too. Get this country back on track.

  3. Lewis says:

    Well Susan, that’s why you work hard and become a VALUABLE WORKER in the company ;-) sounds unfair but that’s how it works. Make them need your skills :-D

  4. susan caldwell says:

    No you don’t want to be a right to work state. Nevada is one and in a right to work state, if they decide they don’t need you, they can fire you for anything and make up a reason!

  5. rwc says:

    Unions are nothing more than thieves in the present day. Nayone who beleives as does Robert that “Right to work is another way of saying the right of corporations to use people as slaves with the workers having no rights.,” is completely brain dead. There are enough laws to protect workers.

  6. Alan D. Blincoe, Founder says:

    Congratulations Indiana for passing your Right To Work legislation. Many in Kentucky envy your officials for finally allowing its citizens their First Amendment rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. We have just begun the effort in Kentucky and hope to join Indiana as another Right To Work state.

  7. Ken says:

    I am a highway subcontractor. Did you know that all contractors that work on publc works projects are forced to pay fringes approx.$10/hr to laborers union and $15/hr to operators union, if I work for any major contractor. If my help doesn’t get the required 250 hours per quarter….the thugs keep the money. Thats just wrong.

  8. Matt says:

    Ah love hearing the idiotic cries of the union-thug apologist. Pure Marxist/fascist garbage arguing for the lowest and dirtiest from of criminal enterprise government-protected rent-seeking behavior.

  9. Rick says:

    I work in a UAW plant . They SUCK !!! What a joke .

  10. Robert Miller says:

    Right to work is another way of saying the right of corporations to use people as slaves with the workers having no rights.

  11. Jeff Foster says:

    I lived in Indiana for 3 years. I worked under the UAW. All they did was take my money!! I visited Goshen a year ago and what a dead town!! Alabama has always been a right to work state and we now have an average income of 42k a year.

  12. Dan says:

    What’s wrong with minimum wage jobs?! There’s plenty of unskilled minimum wage workers who’d LOVE to work their way up the ladder, but they can’t because the first rung is over their head. This bill allows for lower rungs.

  13. bob says:

    bout time, the dumbocraps and the unions are crying like babies.

    Hey Indiana Unions YOUR A BIG REASON WHY THE FACTORIES LEFT INDIANA you smucks you.

  14. Jim B says:

    Trust me this will all but keep the working man down. More likely give a working man a job over a dead beat sucking the system dry.

  15. patricia says:

    Load of keep the working man down. Only min wage jobs and inexperianced workers to man jobs. Remember you get what you paid for!

  16. Indiana Becomes 23rd Right to Work State! | Libertarios of America says:

    [...] Read more via National Right to Work Committee. [...]

  17. c schenher says:

    although ive never belonged to a union, i believe this bill is a load of crap, and the only jobs its going to bring to indiana is minimum wage jobs…..once again, the shrinking middle class loses to corporate (greed) America!

  18. Brian says:

    only 27 to go!

  19. Sid says:

    Can’t believe Indiana wasn’t in this category to begin with. Illinois is really gonna see a flight from that over taxed over regulated state!

  20. Ted C. says:

    Thank You to all who worked to pass this.

  21. gary lawsure says:

    Good! a step in the”right ” direction.