An Interview with the Union Bosses

Soldier Field in Chicago has hosted NFC Championship games and heavyweight championship fights, but the AFL-CIO Democrat debate was less of an historic competition and more of a love-festival to the union bosses and activists that filled the stands as each candidate tried to be the strongest candidate in favor of forced unionism and special union boss privileges.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich pumped up the crowd with talk of universal pre-school. Bill Richardson said he would fire a bunch of government lawyers for what he suggested was “union-busting” (i.e. worker choice). Sen. Dodd talked about the “need” to spend more on union infrastructure jobs. Sen. Hillary Clinton — who is perceived as the right winger in the bunch — demanded reform of free trade deals (which her husband implemented). And on. And on. And on.

Frankly the “debate” was an embarrassment as each candidate tried to impress the union bosses who had declared the event “the biggest job interview ever.”