Another "Friend of Labor" Backstabbed

Pennsylvania congressman Curt Weldon isn’t the only “friend” of Big Labor who has been sold down the river this election year. His fellow Pennsylvania Republican, Rep. Don Sherwood, is also feeling the sting of betrayal.

Sherwood and Weldon have been opponents of Right to Work since their election to Congress. Both have voted with Big Labor and been endorsed in the past. But this year, union officials smell victory, and any Republican who wins can help keep the Speaker’s gavel from being handed over to San Francisco liberal and forced-unionism apologist Nancy Pelosi.

So it shouldn’t be a shock to Sherwood and his supporters that his Democrat opponent has announced the endorsement of 26 unions. When asked why they endorsed Democrat candidate Chris Carney over incumbent Rep. Sherwood, Mike Mazza, Boss of the Scranton & Wilkes-Barre Building Trades, said, “It’s time for a change, time for new blood in Washington . . . .” Translation: power means more than loyalty to even small time union bosses like Mazza.

What Sherwood should do is obvious – side with the 80% of Americans who believe that being forced to join or pay fees to a union is wrong. That will get him loyal support from the people who care most – his constituents.