April 2012 The National Right to Work Committee e-Newsletter available

The April 2012 issue of The National Right to Work Committee Newsletter is available for download for your convenience to read and share.  It is the Committee’s official newsletter publication that provides an excellent monthly overview of the ongoing battle against forced unionism.

April 2012  issue headlines:

Right to Work States Enjoy ‘Growth Advantage’– Compulsory Unionism Negatively Correlated With Compensation Growth

Will Congress End Union Thugs’ Free Ride? — Freedom From Union Violence Act Would Close ‘Lethal Loophole’

Right to Work Revving up Survey 2012 — Pro-Forced Unionism Federal Candidates Will Have Nowhere to Hide

Will Big Labor Get Its Revenge in Wisconsin? — Union Bosses Plot to Recover All of Their Forced-Dues Privileges

Government Union Bosses Challenged in Arizona — But Big Labor-Appeasing GOP Legislators May Block Reform Measures

New Book Plugs One-Sided ‘Right’ to Unionize — Big Labor Academics Oppose Equal Protection For Right Not to Join


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