August 1955 National Right to Work Newsletter Summary

Download the August 1955 National Right to Work Newsletter PDF.

NRTWC BOARD ADDS MEMBERS – – The National Right to Work Committee Board of Directors was expanded by three when two worker representatives and a business man were made new members at the July 15 meeting in Washington.

WORKERS FIGHT BACK – – Not all of the 17, 000 General Motors employees being ordered to join unions under the company’s recent agreement to a union shop are going to take the destruction of their economic liberty without a struggle.

“IRREVOCABLE AUTHORIZE” – – Reports indicate many other GM workers feel just as bitter over the union shop contract forcing them into membership in a union they would have joined long ago if they had wanted to of their own volition.

LAST 1955 FIGHT – – With seven more legislative days to go it looks as if Alabama Governor Folsom’s fight to repeal the state’s Right to Work Law is a lost cause.

HYPOCRISY IN THE RAW – – That is the title of an editorial in a recent issue of UROC Facts, published by the United Railroad Operating Crafts, anti-compulsory membership union of railroad workers.

FREE RIDERS – – About the only argument union leaders have to try to justify forced membership by all employees in their unions is the now familiar “free rider” one. They say they back the union shop to get rid of the free riders – – those who receive the benefits of collective bargaining, but pay none of the costs.

SHORT TAKES – – Chairman Dillard upheld Right to Work laws in debate at the Industrial Relations Institute sponsored by University of Wisconsin Madison . . .