August 1965 National Right to Work Newsletter Summary

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14(b) Under Fire: The one section of the Taft-Hartley Act which gives federal permission to the states to pass laws banning forced unionism is emerging as the prime, union target in the next Congress

Victory in Kansas, Washington: The victories by right to work forces in Kansas and Washington have heartened opponents of compulsion in all states, as pointed out above.

Texas Victory Seen: An attorney who represented 13 Santa Fe Railroad Employees in their suit to prevent discharge because of nonunion membership considers the Texas Supreme Court’s decision upholding the union shop contract as a complete victory for those who don’t belong to the union

Louisiana Hayride: The peculiar spectacle that found certain Louisiana union leaders arguing against compulsory unionism for agricultural workers – – in order to get legislators from rural and cane mill parishes to vote to repeal the Right to Work law for other workers seems to have backfired.

The New Farmer: It might be supposed that the average farmer would be only mildly interested in the right to work, issue, and that his approval of such a law would spring only from a general conviction that no man should be forced to subscribe to any private organization in order to earn a living.

PICKETING BANNED: ln a case that has escaped wide attention, but may have set an important precedent, a district judge in Salina, Kansas July 25 banned picketing that interferes with a man’s constitutional right to work.