August 2013 National Right to Work Committee Newsletter Available Online

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President Obama Secures NLRB ‘Blank Check’ — Harry Reid Wins Without Firing a Shot in Fight Over Senate Rules

Big Labor Admits to Having Flubbed Obamacare — Spent Workers’ Forced Dues to Enact a Law That Is Hurting Them

‘Pennsylvania Can Surely Do Much Better’ — Right to Work Legislation Now Before Keystone State House, Senate

New Labor Secretary a Forced-Unionism Ideologue — Senate GOP ‘Gang of Six’ Paved Way For Thomas Perez’s Confirmation

Forced Union Dues Fuel Giant Political Machine — Big Labor Spent $1.7 Billion on Politics, Lobbying in 2011-2012

Why Presume Nonmembers Support Union Politics? — Forced-Dues Repeal Would Terminate Big Labor’s ‘Remarkable Boon’