Bi-Partisan Support for Obama Budget "Cuts"?

The Communist Party USA’s has joined with the Democrat party and endorsed President Obama’s cuts in a Department of Labor agency designed to protect workers against unscrupulous union bosses.  Now, there are two parties solidly behind the plan to allow union bosses to hide their perks and conflicts-of-interest from working people (also known as “the masses” — as communists refer to us) who are forced to pay for them.  These two parties continually claim to be for the little guy, but side with the Big Union Bosses every time.  You might remember that both the Communist Party USA and the Democrat Party support forced unionism through card-check legislation as well.   Here’s what the Communist have to say: 

“The Obama budget will actually slash one section of the Department of Labor’s enforcement apparatus – the section created by George Bush [actually created in 1959 by then-Sen. John F. Kennedy and others] to harass and “investigate” unions – the Office of Labor-Management Standards. That office, a favorite of the… …National Right to Work Committee, will be cut by 10 percent….”

 Here’s how the paper describes itself:

The People’s Weekly World / Nuestro Mundo is a national, grassroots weekly newspaper and the direct descendant of the Daily Worker. Published by Long View Publishing Co., the PWW reports on and analyzes the pressing issues and struggles of the day: for workers’ rights, peace, equality, social and economic justice, democracy, civil liberties, women’s rights, protection of the environment, and more.

The PWW is known for its partisan coverage. We take sides – for truth and justice. We are partisan to the working class, racially and nationally oppressed peoples, women, youth, seniors, international solidarity, Marxism and socialism. We enjoy a special relationship with the Communist Party USA, founded in 1919, and publish its news and views.