Big Labor Dumps Republican Supporters

The Wall Street Journal has reported on what Right to Work supporters have been talking about for months — Big Labor has dumped its Republican lackeys.

In a short note on their blog, the Washington Wire, the Journal notes that Big Labor has “curbed outreach to Republicans.”

Teamsters and Firefighters, among others, promised to use their forced-dues treasury to ramp up Republican support to increase their clout while Bush’s party held power. But predictably, enthusiasm has faded, a Teamsters official explained, because, “We need a leadership change.”

Forced-union dues have become a major driver of the Democrat party, and the lip service paid to GOP elected officials was only until Big Labor believed the Democrats could regain power in Washington. That time is now for Hoffa, Sweeny and the rest of the Big Labor elite.

The message to Republican candidates who support forced-unionism privilege — Drop Dead!