'Big Labor Handouts at the Taxpayers' Expense'

The National Right to Work Committee and allied organizations are fighting hard to defeat a Big Labor power grab that union boss-controlled politicians are trying to ram through the New Jersey Legislature.  As a January 17 post on The Truth About PLAs web site explains (see link below), the pending measure “would authorize the use of wasteful and discriminatory project labor agreement (PLA) mandates on even more construction projects than currently are permitted under law.”  In 2009, GOP Gov. Chris Christie made a campaign pledge to oppose union-only  PLA’s, which, as the post linked below explains, are nothing but “Big Labor handouts at the taxpayers’ expense.”  Unfortunately, in light of recent moves by Christie to cozy up to the union hierarchy as he prepares to run for reelection later this year, a veto is far from certain should the legislation reach the governor’s desk.  That’s troubling news for construction workers and taxpayers alike:

[Union-label] Senate Democrats are claiming this bill is important because it would ensure local construction workers are employed on Superstorm Sandy recovery projects. But readers of this blog know that PLA mandates do not ensure a local workforce on public construction projects. They are nothing more than Big Labor handouts at the taxpayers’ expense. Not only will this bill open the door to the waste of taxpayer dollars, it will also ensure the vast majority of New Jersey’s hardworking and well-trained construction workforce will not have an opportunity to compete for critical recovery projects in their own communities.

Pro-PLA Legislation Moving in New Jersey. Will Gov. Christie Uphold his Campaign Pledge?