Big Labor Officials Use Union Truck to Steal Romney Signs

From Union Label’s Warner Todd Huston:

Four union thugs belonging to the Sheet Metal Worker’s union, Local 33 from the Toledo, Ohio area were caught with dozens of stolen Romney/Ryan signs and charged with receiving stolen property by Perrysburg police on Friday.

The police stopped a truck registered to the union and found in the back signs that ranged in size from the small, single yard signs to the full size eight foot long billboard-style signs.

Charged were: John Russell, 39, of Eleanor Street, Toledo, Ohio; Sean A. Bresler, 33, of Capistrano Drive, Toledo, Ohio; Corey J. Beaubien, 37, of Kelsey, Toledo, Ohio;Christopher Monaghan, 41, of Oak Street, Rossford, Ohio.

The website for Local 33 lists John Russell and Christopher Monaghan as “business agents” for the union. Russell is also a vice president of the Northwest Ohio and Construction Trades Council.

Both Sean Bresler and Corey Beaubien are listed on other sites as sheet metal unionistas.

As Maggie Thurber amusingly notes:

“Now, it is possible that the four men charged are not the same ones identified as union members and officers, but that would have to be a very large coincidence and would not explain how they got access to a truck registered to the Sheet Metal Union Local #33.”