Bill Would End Legalized Big Labor Sabotage

Right to Work President Mark Mix: “By the time actual employees learn that Big Labor salts’ promises of better pay, benefits, and working conditions were empty, the salts are long gone.”
Right to Work President Mark Mix: “By the time actual employees learn that Big Labor salts’ promises of better pay, benefits, and working conditions were empty, the salts are long gone.” (Credit: OAN)

‘Salts’ Seek Jobs Only to Deceive Honest Workers, Sow Division

According to a Gallup survey of currently union-free employees conducted just last year, a whopping 58% say they have no interest whatsoever in joining a union.

In contrast, just 11% of union-free employees said they are strongly interested in unionizing: Committed opponents of unionization outnumber strong supporters by more than five-to-one.

While union bosses rarely if ever acknowledge the undeniable reality reflected in Gallup’s poll result, they are well aware of it.

That’s why modern union organizing campaigns, especially those targeting employees of private-sector employers, rely heavily on subterfuge.

And so-called “salting” offers an excellent illustration.

“Salts” are union militants who are paid by union bosses to apply for jobs with union-free businesses.

‘Barista’ Got Paid Nearly $50,000 in 2022 to Mislead Workers at Buffalo Starbucks

Historically, the prime targets have been small construction firms, and such companies continue to be frequently infiltrated by salts in the 2020’s.

Salts’ objective in applying for a job is not to earn a living in exchange for doing their best to help the business succeed.

Instead, if they get hired, they drum up “unfair labor practices” and instigate costly, often violent strikes.

The aim is to blackmail the business into foisting Big Labor rule on loyal employees, regardless of whether any of them want to join a union.

If the business owner still refuses to hand over front-line workers to union bosses, union strategists have openly advocated wrecking the business financially.

National Right to Work Committee President Mark Mix cited the example of professional Starbucks salt Michelle Eisen, who recently became notorious for evidently lying to Congress when she testified before a U.S. House panel last September.

“It turns out even employees of big international companies like Starbucks are vulnerable to Big Labor salts’ deceptive tactics,” said Mr. Mix.

“This spring, a Service Employees International Union filing with the U.S. Labor Department publicly revealed, for the first time, that Ms. Eisen was paid nearly $50,000 in 2022 by SEIU bosses in exchange for helping them seize monopoly-bargaining control over Starbucks employees.

“Of course, she did not acknowledge she was on the SEIU payroll while working undercover at a Starbucks store in Buffalo and selling the ‘benefits’ of unionization to actual baristas. She did not even disclose her principal source of income to Congress before testifying on Capitol Hill, despite the fact that she was legally required to do so.

“After chalking up union organizing wins such as the one Ms. Eisen helped pull off in Buffalo last year, salts move on to another campaign. By the time actual employees learn that Big Labor salts’ promises of better pay, benefits, and working conditions were empty, the salts are long gone.”

Georgia Congressman’s Bill Would Make It Clear Employers May Refuse to Hire Salts

To prevent Big Labor from hiring salts to pose as regular employees, pressure their unassuming “colleagues” to unionize, and then leave as soon as the union is installed, the Committee is supporting passage of H.R.4320, the Truth in Employment Act.

Introduced in the House on June 23 by Rep. Rick Allen (R-Ga.), H.R.4320 would stop abusive salting by making it clear that employers are well within their rights not to hire salts whose actual purpose in seeking a job is to turn the business into a cash cow for Big Labor, or, failing that, destroy it.

Mr. Mix said that the need for H.R.4320 is now perhaps greater than ever before, as a consequence of the intense bias in favor of monopolistic unionism harbored by current President Joe Biden’s appointees to the powerful National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Biden NLRB’s Stance: Employers Have No Right To Fire Paid Union Agitators

“The pre-Biden NLRB at least required agency lawyers to furnish some evidence a salt was genuinely interested in having an employment relationship with the business before filing an ‘unfair labor practice’ charge over the employer’s refusal to put or keep the salt on the payroll,” explained Mr. Mix.

“But the Biden NLRB doesn’t seem to be the least interested in whether the business is getting actual services from the salt. Its apparent stance is employers have no right to fire paid agitators from an outside organization.

“The consequence is that salting is becoming a more and more common Big Labor tactic to seize monopoly-bargaining and forced-dues privileges over independent-minded employees.

“That’s why the Committee and our members will do everything we feasibly can to secure hearings and roll-call votes on H.R.4320.”

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