Card Check Forced Unionism Bill about Liberal “Politics” — not “Fairness”

Advocates of the Card Check Scam claim the bill is about “fairness.” We know otherwise. It’s about forcing more people into unionism and mandatory dues payment to the union bosses. But a college professor is not arguing that bill is needed for “fairness,” but because it will mark the “rebirth of progressive politics.”

“The labor movement is still the most effective political force for electing liberal candidates at the local, state, and federal levels,” Occidental College professor of politics Peter Dreier writes in the Chronicle of Higher Education. “A strong labor movement thus benefits other [liberal] agendas and causes.”

Dreier urges liberals of all stripes to support the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, because he argues bigger union membership could lead to more Democratic politicians in power due to union leaders’ support for Democrats. As much as 95 percent of union political contributions support Democratic candidates.

“And once in office, pro-labor politicians are typically the strongest supporters of the environment; the civil rights of women, homosexuals, and minority groups; universal health insurance; Social Security; affordable housing; and funds for public schools and higher education,” Dreier writes.

It doesn’t concern Dreier the contributions to these causes would be paid for by mandatory and coerced dues payments from workers. But give him some credit — at least he isn’t using the old “fairness” canard for his reason to support the Card Check Scam.