Changes Empower Edwards

The Democrat National Committee recently announced changes in the presidential primary and caucus schedule.

2008 Democrat calender to nominate a presidential candidate should look like this:

Iowa (caucus): 1/14
Nevada (caucus): 1/19
NH (primary): 1/22
SC (primary): 1/29

Most observers believe changes help former North Carolina John Edwards quest for the nomination.

The Washington Post reported that Edwards has made himself available publicly and privately to state and national leaders of the Service Employees International Union and Unite Here — a hotel and restaurant workers union — among others.

“He has done more than any elected official or public persona to support our union efforts to organize … since he left office,” said Chris Chafe, Unite Here’s chief of staff.

Nevada’s Democrat Party is driven by the UNITE-HERE bosses. They will surely propogate and push Edwards to their 60,000 members. A victory or strong showing in the Nevada caucus should also help Edwards gain momentum going in the New Hampshire.

The addition of South Carolina should give Edwards a boost, as well, having been born in the Palmetto State.

The new nomination schedule should pay dividends for Edwards water carrying for Big Labor.