Check out These Right to Work Louisiana Investments!

Companies are investing in Louisiana because the economic environment is conducive to expansion. In fact, Amazon, Intralox, and ExxonMobil are all investing in this Right to Work state. Amazon will be adding another fulfillment center in Baton Rouge. ExxonMobil is also expanding in Baton Rouge. And lastly, Intralox is expanding two of its Louisiana location in Harahan and Hammond.

Read on to find out more about each investment!


Amazon is adding another fulfillment center in Right to Work Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This new location will create many new jobs.

Louisiana has a long and storied history as a leading state for the shipping and transport of goods. […] Today’s announcement by Amazon reveals a new chapter in that history. Baton Rouge will now be home to a state-of-the-art Amazon Robotics Fulfillment Center. I am proud to welcome this new investment to Louisiana’s Capital Region. I also thank Amazon for its continued investment in our great state, the third such investment in seven months. The new jobs and opportunities created by this project will be a tremendous value to Baton Rouge and the entire state.” […]

This is the one we’ve been waiting for. […] Amazon’s project is transformational, both for creating a thousand jobs and serving as a model of intentional economic development. It’s been a great team effort of state and local leadership to get this project in place. The blighted Cortana Mall will be reinvented into a modern logistics hub that will catalyze investment in the Florida Boulevard corridor and beyond.”



Intralox is expanding in Right to Work Harahan and Hammond, Virginia. This will also create 70 new jobs for people in the area.

“Intralox is expanding rapidly. […] Our partnership with Louisiana Economic Development supports our immediate and long-term workforce needs. Their creative and impactful approach to workforce development has had a positive impact upon our business.” […]

“Intralox is one of the most innovative companies not only in Louisiana, but in America. […] Our region is fortunate to be home to such a perennial engine for jobs, wealth, and ideas. We look forward to continuing to support Laitram and Intralox.” […]

“JEDCO is delighted to support[ this company ]as it expands its workforce in Jefferson Parish. […] This growth creates an incredible opportunity for our residents to secure skilled jobs in the manufacturing industry. With over 1,500 patents and thousands of employees, Intralox has been an integral economic driver in our region for generations. We thank them for their continued investment in Jefferson Parish.”



ExxonMobil is expanding soon in Right to Work Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a $240 million investment. This will also create 20 new jobs.

“Louisiana and the Baton Rouge community have helped make this suite of projects a reality by offering strong support and the opportunity to collaborate to ensure this investment provides benefit for our citizens and local businesses. […] Through this investment, we will reduce the facility’s volatile organic compound emissions up to 10 percent while bringing direct value to the community through increased tax revenue and job opportunities for local residents and small and diverse businesses. ExxonMobil has made significant progress to reduce emissions globally and plans further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.” […]

“We are delighted with ExxonMobil’s decision to move forward with this important suite of projects. […] For more than a century, the ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Refinery has fueled the economy of our state and nation. These latest capital upgrades will continue to position the integrated ExxonMobil refinery and chemical complex here in Baton Rouge as one of the world’s most innovative and competitive energy sites.”


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