Colorado Labor Abuses

The Denver Post ran a column by Al Lewis that questioned the need to enact a Right to Work law in Colorado and the reaction has been visceral. Dozens of citizens have taken it upon themselves to teach Mr. Lewis a thing or two about the unfairness of forced unionism. A sample of the reaction:

* . . . I am 72 years old and had been in the work force for 50 years prior to my employment with the City of Boulder and this is the FIRST time that I have ever been in a union. $10.00 a month is deducted from my pay and to me it is a waste of my money. Don’t feel that I get anything for my money. Can’t even write it off on my taxes. A lot of us are part-time employees, so we don’t make that much anyway and I know most of my peers don’t like the fact that we have to pay union dues. . . .

* I work for Qwest Communications. As a condition of employment with the company, (union requirement) I am forced to pay union dues. I do not have to join the union, however.

I am happily NOT a member but still am forced to pay. . . .

* I was surprised you were unable to find people forced to pay union dues. Perhaps not everyone reads the newspaper. Nonetheless, I do and am grateful to be able to vent about my union dues obligation.

The International Association of Machinists Union (IAM), cover flight attendants employed with our major airline. We are REQUIRED to pay union dues. ([O]ur carrier has a policy against talking to the media, but I can tell you we used to have a large base here – until 1995.) There are still approximately 500 to 1,000 flight attendants residing in the Denver area who commute to work either in Houston, Newark or Cleveland (our three remaining hubs) and must pay dues.

We pay Colorado State taxes, so I’m guessing we all would be covered under Amendment 47 – should it pass.

I unwillingly have $44.75 taken out of my pay check every month. Should I request my employer cease from having the dues paid to the union – contractually they are required to fire me.

My opinion of the IAM union is — we are nothing more than a ‘cash cow’ to them. Their representation is feeble or lame at best.

I hope Amendment 47 passes the vote!