Committee Honors Memory of Frank Maynard

Committee Honors Memory of Frank Maynard . He was fiercely dedicated to the cause and always willing to help in the fight to end compulsory unionism.

Charitable Bequest Continues to Advance Right to Work Cause

National Right to Work Committee members have long fought on the front lines in the battle to end forced unionism and the corruption that comes with it. Some have even left a very special and lasting legacy.

One such member is Frank Maynard.

Frank was born in 1928 and learned early on what it means to fight to preserve liberty. Graduating from a high school in Atlanta, Ga., in 1945, Frank went on to serve his country as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Supply Corps for 21 years.

Frank later settled in California. He joined the National Right to Work Committee in 1978, on the heels of the “common situs” picketing battle.

This was the fight in which Committee members rose up to convince a waffling President Gerald Ford to veto a bill that would have given Big Labor bosses iron-fisted control over construction industry jobs across America.

Throughout the Reagan years, from 1981 to 1989, Frank stood shoulder to shoulder with other Committee members in the fight to roll back Big Labor’s unbridled power, including Right to Work’s defeat of repackaged “common situs” legislation.

Things turned dark for the Right to Work movement during the 90’s. But Frank was there to help again in the fight to stop Ted Kennedy’s Pushbutton Strike Bill, a scheme that would have made winning strikes to impose forced dues and fees “as easy as pushing a button”  for union bosses.

In the 2000’s, Frank was there to help by stopping the passage of Barack Obama’s Card-Check Forced Unionism Bill.   

‘Members Like Frank Are The Backbone . . . of The Committee’s Efforts’

In fight after fight, Frank was always quietly and tirelessly signing Committee petitions, sending actiongrams, making phone calls on the Committee’s behalf, and contributing his hard-earned money to its work.

He may not have been what some organizations would consider a “major donor,” but over the years he was a consistent giver, fiercely dedicated to the cause and always willing to help in the fight to end compulsory unionism.

Committee Vice President Matthew Leen said, “Members like Frank are the backbone — the very heart and blood — of the Committee’s efforts, and are the reason why the Committee has won so many ‘David versus Goliath’ battles against Big Labor’s multi-billion-dollar forced-dues machine.”

Final Gift Speaks Volumes About Donor’s Lifelong Love For Freedom

Sadly, Frank passed away last year, but it turns out he saved his greatest impact on the cause he dearly believed in for the end.

One day, the Committee received a phone call from a man identifying himself as Frank’s “successor trustee.” He informed staffers that Frank had made the Committee the beneficiary of his life insurance policy, his IRA, and even his final paycheck.

This turned out to be a sizable gift, and one that speaks volumes about Frank’s legacy for the Right to Work cause and his lifelong love for freedom.

Members who are interested in supporting the National Right to Work Committee with a bequest may phone Mr. Leen at 703-321-9820 or see Other Ways to Give on this website.