Congress Funds “Union Only” Green Jobs

In its infinite wisdom, Congress has decided to fund a $125 million pilot program to create “green jobs,” a training program to teach installation of solar panels, etc. But there is a catch — the money is only given to programs affiliated with Big Labor.

The business lobby protested the move in March, writing to the House Appropriations Committee, “As Congress moves forward with many proposals to help curb the effect of global warming, lawmakers need to be acutely aware that this effort cannot be done without the help of each and every person, business, industry or organization, regardless of union affiliation.” The letter was signed by the Homebuilders, General Contractors Association and the Independent Electrical Contractors.

The new Congress is so beholden to the union bosses, they didn’t listen.

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has pledged to fight for the inclusion of the union-only language in the Senate version of the bill.