Congressman Organizing for Big Labor

We have talked about pressure that workers would be under should the Card Check Forced Unionism scam become law. Well, a New Jersey congressman has given us a little glimpse into the forced-unionism utopia of Big Labor.

With union activists trying to organize card dealers at the Trump Plaza casino in New Jersey, liberal New Jersey Rep. Robert Andrews played a lead role in the union organizing campaign. Joined by State Senator Sonny McCullough and Assemblyman Jim Whelan, the elected officials asked workers to sign the cards to “confirm verification that the dealers want to join the U-A-W [United Auto Workers] Union,” NBC News 40 reports.

As if it’s not bad enough to have union officials demand workers sign cards, Big Labor now has public officials doing it for them. If the Card Check scheme becomes law, the pressure and intimidation of workers will be intense. New Jersey has given us a glance into the future.