Culture of Union Favoritism: Recent Action of the National Labor Relations Board

Hearing Witness Barbara Ivey, who received help with her petition for a secret-ballot election from the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation,  is set to testify tomorrow.

Mrs. Ivey and her co-workers were scheduled to hold an election.  SEIU had rammed-through card-check forced-unionism at her workplace;  thirteen (13) days after being informed that SEIU was trying to organize her and her co-workers, Ivey was told that it was over and  SEIU now represented her.

She was never  offered a card, nor was she offered a secret-ballot election to vote on the union representing her.

Ivey collected enough signatures to demand a secret-ballot election under the “DANA Rights” NLRB option.   The NLRB scheduled the secret-ballot vote.  Before Barbara and her co-workers were allowed to vote, the Obama NLRB eliminated her right to a secret-ballot election and forced her and everyone else to be represented by SEIU.

For more information about tomorrow’s congressional  hearing:

September 22, 2011
“Culture of Union Favoritism: Recent Action of the National Labor Relations Board”

The hearing is scheduled at 10:00 a.m. in room 2175 Rayburn H.O.B.

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Media Advisory: Committee to Examine Recent Pro-Union Actions by the National Labor Relations Board (September 20, 2011)


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