Did Out-of-State SEIU Organizers Vote Illegally in Wisconsin

Media Trackers has uncovered evidence that out-of-state Service Employees International Union (SEIU) activists registered to vote from their hotel in Wisconsin to vote in the state’s recall election:

SEIU organizer Todd E. Stoner from Freehold, New Jersey, used same-day registration to cast a ballot in the April 5, 2011 spring election in Wisconsin. Stoner, like Thompson, still has an active voter registration in New Jersey. According to Stoner’s Wisconsin voter registration form, he simply listed “Residence Inn Marriott and N.J. ID” as his proof of residence. Stoner used another state’s ID as part of his proof of residence to vote in Wisconsin.

Clarence Haynes also registered to vote using the Residence Inn in Glendale. According to 2010 SEIUdocuments, Haynes was a “Senior Organizer in Training” in 2010. The area code on his cell phone is from the Tampa area and Haynes was previously registered as an SEIU officer in Palm Beach County. Haynes broke GAB protocol on his voter registration form by not listing a previous address and his proof of residence was a “military ID and Residence Inn paperwork.”

Austin Lee Thompson, Todd Stoner, and Clarence Haynes all travelled from different states to take part in the Madison protests and subsequent campaigns in Wisconsin. It is no coincidence that all three registered to vote at the same Residence Inn in Glendale, begging the question who was paying for the hotel rooms?

Circumstantial evidence points to the SEIU, to which all three have a connection. Stoner and Haynes are SEIU organizers and Thompson was employed by Wisconsin Jobs Now!, an organization created by the SEIU and Citizen Action Wisconsin.

How long have left-wing organizations and labor unions taken advantage of Wisconsin’s lax voting laws by registering out-of-state political activists at hotel addresses? The Milwaukee Police Department’s investigationof the 2004 General Election warned of a “new class of Wisconsin voter, the ’10-day resident,’” based on the 10 day residency requirement for voting.

Pursuing election integrity crimes must be a priority for Wisconsin law enforcement not just in word, but in deed. It is time for law enforcement, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, and Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen to step up and investigate whether there is a pervasive use of hotel addresses for voter registration. How many professional activists used hotels around the state to register to vote in the Supreme Court race? or the Summer Recalls? How many will use these methods for the Walker recall?