Discrimination in New York

The Constitution protects your right to associate and, by logic then, your right to disassociate. But Broome County, New York has decided to punish and discriminate against those exercising this basic right.

The Birmingham, New York Press & Sun Bulletin reports that:

Broome County’s non-union contractors are up in arms over the county’s decision to set aside 90 percent of the work on the $16.9 million George Harvey Justice Building renovation to union members as part of a new labor agreement.

They say it will shut out local workers in favor of out-of-county and even out-of-state workers.

County leaders who are obviously in the back pockets of Big Labor bosses claim the policy will “save money.”

What nonsense.

But non-union contractors say the agreement — a first for Broome County — will jack up costs by attracting fewer bidders and awarding jobs to union members from outside Broome County.

There is a more fundamental issue at stake than dollars and cents.

Using taxpayer dollars to discriminate against Broome County residents who exercise their constitutional rights is an outrage that must be overturned.