Edwards’ Pit Bull

John Edwards’ presidential campaign seems to be playing third fiddle behind Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, so he has brought on a Big Labor supporting “pit bull,” David Bonior, as his senior advisor; and is likely to make him his campaign manager. Throughout Bonior’s career in Congress, he was known for his unyielding support for Big Labor’s forced-unionism agenda and, unquestionably, he hopes his Big Labor connections will help Edwards.

The Raleigh News and Observer describes Bonior as “a high-profile Democrat whose appointment reinforces Edwards’ efforts to build bridges to organized labor, environmental groups and party progressives as he tries to outflank New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on the left.” Not easy to do, but, Bonior might be up to the task. “Few Democratic congressmen were closer to organized labor, a group that Edwards has heavily courted since 2004. Bonior notes that Edwards has walked picket lines all across the country and, on Friday, received the Paul Wellstone Award from the AFL-CIO, the most prestigious award given . . . .”