Employers Conducting “Terror Campaign”

It’s bad enough that Andy Levin of the Michigan AFL-CIO believes that employers are conducting a “terror campaign” against workers (hence the need for stripping workers of the right to a secret ballot election for union certification as Big Labor’s top priority). But this guy isn’t some militant union official shouting insults from the wilderness. He is actually deputy director of the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth, appointed by Democrat Gov. Jennifer Granholm!

Think about that for a minute. The man whose job it is to find jobs and bring them to Michigan is calling employers terrorists. No wonder Michigan is in such poor economic shape. It lost 4,000 jobs in April alone and has the highest unemployment rate in America. This forced unionism — Big Labor– mentality has a stranglehold on the state, and jobs will not come back to Michigan until the state is willing to free itself from this major disadvantage.