Even Cooler on Kuhl: Congressman Confronted

Rep. Randy Kuhl, in upstate New York, has been a forced-unionism supporter going all the way back to his days in the New York Assembly and State Senate. He even went so far as to cosponsor the Card Check Forced Unionism scheme in the last Congress as a freshman. But the union bosses had a problem with Kuhl. He is a Republican and was targeted for defeat despite carrying their water for years. Organized labor bosses went all out to beat Kuhl last November.

This year, Kuhl voted against the Card Check Bill and now union militants are taking the fight to a new level. Approximately 150 protesters confronted Kuhl demanding he change his position again. WETM-TV reports that, “Kuhl also says once he was elected he sided with union workers, but after looking in to the issue much deeper decided against it. He says everyone has a right to change their mind and his decision to not support the bill was the right one based on the information he had.”

The fact is, Kuhl should support America’s workers by opposing the Card Check scam. Workers deserve the right to choose whether to join a union without intimidation. The Card Check power-grab would take away that right. Although Kuhl has yet to recognize the need for a Right to Work law, he appears to have seen the light on the Card Check Bill. It’s a step in the right direction.