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Salting & the Truth In Employment Act

111th Congress

“Salting” is an organized conspiracy on the part of Big Labor bosses, aided and abetted by the pro-forced-unionism dominated National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), to obtain access to forced-dues dollars from non-union workers by destabilizing non-union workforces from within.The term “salting” refers to union organizers applying for jobs with non-union employers with the aim of organizing the employers’ workforce. Or, more frequently, triggering an unfair labor practice charge that will result in heavy back-pay costs to the target employer and a NLRB cease and desist order that will weaken the target employer’s ability to fight future organizing efforts. “Salts” are union organizers, not workers.

“Salting” is an underhanded method of intimidation designed by Big Labor bosses to blackmail employers into handing loyal employees over to union officials without the employees’ consent.

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4 Responses to Salting

  1. Mark Downing says:

    What I know to be true is that every formof “future” benefit is being sold on the “futures market” and is losing value., Union or not th eunions made and are brewaking this country. This will only get worse. There is no Gold keeping your “future” safe. The FED only prints FIAT currency. Time to wake up and smell the coffee. The kool-aid was laced with rat poison.

  2. bhs3kgt says:

    As a taxpayer who pays for public employee I am disgusted with the constant and ongoing practice by the public sector unions of this country to WANT from the taxpayers. Quit whining and be happy with your bloated benefit package and generous retirement.

  3. randy hennigar says:

    You can not cite a SINGLE CASE where the voters are asking current retirees, or people close to retiring to GIVE BACK ANYTHING in any part of the country. The voters are only asking future workers to be more reasonable in their demands. You are a whiner and have absolutely no concern for our young people, who will be forced to pay for the extravagant promises already made. The lies being told by the union leaders have been bought by the rank and file. Let’s be real here and admit that the 20% unemployed would gladly take your job for LESS MONEY and most probably do a better job, since grateful workers and patriots have better attitudes. Your sense of entitlement is disgusting. You think we owe something by virtue of the fact that you have done the same job for such a long time? What ever happened to improving your employ-ability, moving up the ladder, skills improvement, learning and growing & teaching our kids the same skills? Unions work against ALL these qualities in a person. You can’t get something for nothing, and the culture of demanding it has almost destroyed our country. Your union rules have almost completely destroyed the job market for young people, in favor of entrenching lazy careerists ( who are uninterested in moving up to make room for younger more energetic people).

  4. Roger Engstrom says:

    As a public employee with less than 250 days to my retirement date, I am disgusted with the constant and ongoing practice by the private citizens of this country to WANT from public employees, but when it comes time to compensate for services, they TAKE instead of give… I took my current job years ago , for far less money than I was making at the time, on the PROMISE of compensation in the form of other benefits, such as insurance,retirement etc. I could do the same job in the private sector for far more than I make, but THAT PROMISE by the voters to compensate me has kept me going. At one point during my employment we elected to withdraw from our union and become an employee association and represent ourselves during contract negotiations. This worked well for a few years when both employees and employer were willing to work together for the “better good”. After that few years, it became apparent that we were not going down the same path anymore and the employers were now being controlled by the want of votes for re-election instead of the well being of their workforce. As a result we were told repeatedly that “this is how it is now, take it or there is the door!” After several miserable contract negotiations, we once again elected to join a union to get fair representation during negotiations. Now, here I am with less than a year till retirement, and once again the voters want to take away my retirement…? I do understand that there is a need to find funding to be able to pay for previous commitments by the voters, but you do that by cutting spendind on new things and tightening your belt like everyone else, not by changing your mind and saying that “I don’t think I want to pay this!” Look at it this way, if I had taken out a mortgage 30 yrs ago and had less than a year to pay on it, but decided that I wasn’t going to pay anymore, the bank would exercise their legal right to foreclose and take away my house. or If I owed money to the IRS and decided I don’t want to pay them, they would put me in prison or garnish my wages to get every cent they said I owed them. So how can you justify promising someone a future and then years later when its time to make good on that promise, you say “eh, we can;t afford it anymore!” You have already received the benefits we have given you for our years of service to you, so you lose nothing, while we lose our entire future that we were promised by the voters for our years of service. I have been paying to social security since I was 13 years old, and I can already see the writing on the wall that I have been forced to pay for others retirements while there will be nothing left when it comes time for me to collect what I have put in. Once again, promised a future, taken away years later by the voters… So now you expect me to support your efforts to take away what little future I have left ??? This is how you treat a loyal public servant and military veteran??? Too bad the “American Dream” has become only available to a select few who feel they deserve more than anyone else, and illegal aliens who are “OWED” by us voters for overburdening our hospitals, welfare and social services, as well as our prisons. To the rest of us poor suckers out there I guess it is just the “American REEM!”