Thank You for Contacting Chairman Goodlatte

Thank you for taking action against the Big Labor Boss Violence Loophole.  It is long overdue that labor union bosses must follow that same laws as other Americans.

With your efforts and the efforts of others across the country, Chairman Goodlatte should reconsider his position and hold hearing on this outrageous criminal loophole.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte must hold a hearing on union violence to expose these thugs and correct the legal loophole that allows union bosses federal exemption from criminal prosecutions if they are seeking to advance so-called “legitimate union objectives.”severed-bloody-cow's-head

It’s time to end union thug calling cards like this bloody severed cow’s head.

And, if possible, please consider chipping in $5 or more to help your Committee keep fighting to expose and end compulsory unionism.