February 1955 National Right to Work Newsletter Summary

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In this issue:  Must an American citizen belong to a union in order to hold an American job?    

NEWS NOTES ‐ ‐ Three developments highlight events of the past few days

Attempts to repeal State Right to Work Laws in South Carolina, North Dakota and Tennessee fall flat, while Utah Legislature passes law for
first time. If signed by Governor will become the 18th Right to Work State. South Carolina defeated such a repeal bill. Tennessee’s Senate tabled a similar union effort. North Dakota House defeated similar repeal. . . .

Executive Council of the AFL, meeting in Miami, shifts emphasis from states to national scene, pledges all-out fight to repeal Section 14(b) of the
Taft-Hartley Act in this Congress. 14(b) is the section giving states the right to pass Right to Work laws, thus banning union shop which Taft-Hartley permits within their own borders. . . .

National Right to Work Committee formed. Organized on a modest scale by a group or business and professional men, workers and those who have served in public office ‐ ‐ men who know firsthand the evils of compulsory union membership ‐ ‐ the Committee has set a goal of national information and education on the entire issue, believing that only through a wholly informed populace can this trend toward labor dictatorship be halted. Comments of NRWC officials: ‐ ‐ “Immediate response far beyond expectations.