Flip-Flop-Flip – Complete!

It looks like standing up against “making a deal for political advantage” was more than Sen. Arlen Specter could bear.  According to Roll Call magazine, Sen. Specter is going back on his opposition to the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, S. 560,  and will vote to allow union militants to eliminate the rights of millions of American workers as it relates to union certification and terms of their employment:

Specter’s announcement comes as he faces a bloody 2010 primary fight against Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), who is running to the ideological left of the five-term Senator and questioning his Democratic bona fides.

Before Specter bolted the GOP in April, he had said he would not support the card-check bill this Congress, saying during a highly publicized floor speech on March 24 that he would not cast the deciding vote to cut off debate on the contentious legislation

“The problems of the recession would make this a particularly bad time to enact the Employee Free Choice Act. Employers understandably complain that adding such a burden would result in further job losses,” Specter said on the Senate floor earlier this year. “Knowing that I will not support cloture on this bill, Senators may choose to move on and amend the [National Labor Relations Act] as I have suggested or otherwise. This announcement should end the rumor mill that I have made some deal for my political advantage.”