'In 20 Years, BMW Has Invested $6 Billion in [Right to Work] South Carolina'

A news story by the AP’s Jeffrey Collins reminds us it’s been 20 years since it was first announced that BMW would build an auto assembly plant in Right to Work South Carolina.  The plant has brought enormous benefits to the South Carolina economy generally and to employees specifically:

By most measures, the German automaker’s plant near Greer has exceeded some lofty expectations. BMW officials said they expected the plant to have 2,000 workers and make 6,500 luxury vehicles a month. In November, the factory’s 7,000 employees produced more than 25,000 of BMW’s crossover vehicles, which are a mix of an SUV and a coupe. In 20 years, BMW has invested $6 billion in South Carolina, an amount nearly equal to the state budget proposed by Gov. Nikki Haley this month.

BMW at 20: Plant exceeds hopes, tax debate ongoing