Job Growth Surges in Right to Work Indiana

Last week, the U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported a gain of 25,300 private-sector payroll jobs for Right to Work Indiana in November.  This was “the largest one-month increase in the Hoosier State on record.”

The state’s employment gains last month were substantial in an array of sectors, including trade, transportation and utilities, construction, and professional and business services.

Since Indiana instituted its Right to Work law in February 2012, seasonally adjusted private-sector payroll employment in the state has increased by 82,000, or 3.3%.  That compares quite favorably to the average 2.1% gain for Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin, the five remaining forced-unionism states in the Midwest.  Not one of these states had a private-sector payroll job gain as great as Indiana’s.

The primary purpose of Right to Work laws is to protect the personal freedom of each employee to choose whether or not to join or bankroll a union.  However, decades of experience show that Right to Work laws also foster job and compensation growth.  Last week’s BLS report showing a record monthly gain for private-sector employment in Indiana simply adds to a mountain of evidence.

Indiana Gains Thousands Of Jobs