July 2012 National Right to Work Committee Newsletter Available Online


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Wisconsin Voters Rebuff Government Union Brass — Vote ‘Opens the Door’ For Right to Work Efforts in Other States

Government Union Lobby Remains Formidable — But Wisconsin Shows Grass-Roots Right to Work Activists Can Win

All-Consuming Government ‘Fine’ With Obama Team — State and Local Jobs 5.5 Times as Unionized as Private Sector’s

Autoworkers Union Bosses Profit, Taxpayers Lose — White House Favoritism Towards UAW Brass Has Failed to Saved Jobs

Big Labor Bosses Accuse ‘Brethren’ of Thuggery — Carpenters Union Chiefs Decry Rivals’ ‘Violence and Vandalism’

Forced-Unionism System Spawned in U.S. Capitol — Congress Has Duty to Abolish Big Labor Confiscation of Union Dues