Laborers Local 91 Racketeer Sentenced

The Tonawanda News recently reported that Laborers Local 91 official, Randall “Randy” Butler, 40, was finally sentenced to 34 months behind bars and two years of supervised release, “for his role in the fire bombing of a residence where non-union workers, involved in an asbestos removal project at the Falls drink water plant, were staying. He admitted to driving the get-away car that three other Local 91 members used to get to the residence to commit the attack.”

“He was the last of 20 former leaders of Local 91 to be sentenced for his role in what prosecutors had described as a criminal enterprise that used intimidation and violence to get jobs for its members.”

According to the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, union violence investigations have determined that union violence is responsible for at least 203 Americans deaths since 1975; 5,869 incidents of personal injury; and more than 6,435 incidents of vandalism and tens of millions of dollars in property damage.