Memo to Media: Big Labor is Big Political Money

On a recent episode of the Dylan Ratigan Show, Ratigan debated Washington Examiner columnist Tim Carney would the proliferation of special interests in Washington and Carney noted the power and influence of Big Labor.  Carney pointed out that labor unions collectively direct more campaign contributions to political candidates than any other industry in the country, Ratigan sternly corrected him: “That’s not right. You can’t invent facts…that’s a great distortion of facts to make it look like labor controls the government.”

Unfortunately for union members and Ratigan, Carney was correct.

Mr. Ratigan, big labor will spend over $1 billion over the next year electing politicians including President Obama.  As someone who takes aim at the power of Washington insiders and special interests, it would behoove you not to ignore the elephant in the room.