Missouri Court Smacks Down Big Labor Voter Deception Scheme

National Right to Work Legal Defense Statement regarding Missouri Court SmackDown of Big Labor Voter Deception Scheme

A group of Missouri workers have just won a victory in their fight to defend the new Missouri Right to Work law from Big Labor attempts to repeal the new law through misleading ballot measures. The workers were represented by National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation staff attorneys.

In the ruling that was just issued by Cole County Circuit Court Judge [Daniel R.] Green, the AFL-CIO union-backed repeal referendum ballot language was deemed “improperly, unfairly, and insufficiently constructed…” Judge Green further noted that “The People [of Missouri] are entitled to consider a question which is phrased in a grammatically-competent manner.”

Patrick Semmens, Vice President of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, issued the following statement on the ruling.

“Union bosses know that giving workers a choice when it comes to union membership and payment of union fees is popular. This is why they are so intent on misleading the public about their attempts to overturn Missouri’s Right to Work law. Today’s ruling is an important step in defending the right of Missouri employees to work without being forced to pay tribute to a union boss.”

For more information on previous legal actions defending Missouri’s popular Right to Work law, please see the press releases (1) Pro-Right to Work Missouri Workers File Lawsuits Challenging Language of Union Boss-Backed Forced Dues Ballot Measures, and (2) National Right to Work Foundation Launches Missouri Task Force to Defend and Enforce New Right to Work Law