Missouri House and Senate Pass Right to Work

Missouri’s Right to Work bill heads to Big Labor’s Governor Jay Nixon for expected payback veto.

According to Missouri-job-growth-deficitFollowTheMoney.org, Big Labor has directly given Jay Nixon close to $3.5 million.  These Forced-Dues Fat Cats do not want Governor Nixon to give employees freedom to choose whether or not to pay tribute to a union boss just to get or keep a job.

It is likely that Nixon will deny freedom and continue to allow union officials to exercise tyrannical power over employees.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

The House voted 92-66 Wednesday to send the measure to Gov. Jay Nixon, who has said he’s against “right-to-work.” The Senate used a rare measure, known as the previous question, Tuesday to shut down debate and force a 21-13 vote on the measure after Democrats filibustered for more than eight hours.